ANGLETON I S D Elementary Bilingual (Spanish) Teacher in ANGLETON, Texas

Develop and implement plans for the curriculum program; Prepare lessons that reflect accommodations/ modifications for individual student differences; Work with special education teachers to modify curricula as needed for special education students according to guidelines established by Individual Education Plans (IEP); Present the subject matter according to guidelines established by Texas Education Agency, Board policies, and administrative regulations; Participate in curriculum development and revision and assist in curriculum implementation; Plan and supervise appropriate assignments for teacher assistant(s) and/or volunteer(s); Assist students in analyzing and improving methods and habits of study as needed; Consistently assess student achievement through formal, informal, and varied assessment measures; Plan & Coordinate extracurricular activities as assigned and may sponsor outside activities approved by the school; Create a classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate to the physical, social, and emotional development of students; Manage student behavior in the classroom, on campus, at school events, and administer discipline according to Board policies, administrative regulations, and IEP; Assist in the selection of books, equipment, and other instructional materials; Establish and maintain open lines of communication with students and their parents/guardians; Participate in the district staff development program; Participate in professional improvement, including but not limited to, workshops, seminars, and professional readings; Assist in the development of grade level/department budget; Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements; Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required; Maintain safety standards in conformance with all rules, regulations, and policies, administrative and supervisory directives. Education/Experience: The position requires a Bachelor s degree in a related field. License or Certification required for this job: Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved certification for Bilingual Generalist Spanish EC-6; or Generalist EC-6 with Bilingual Spanish Supplement.