HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Graduate Medical Education GME Business Analyst, Days in El Paso, Texas

POSITION SUMMARY: Under the general supervision of the Director of Graduate Medical Education. The primary responsibilities include supporting the annual Graduate Medical Education (GME) financial management and business planning processes through the use of database systems, analysis, modeling and project management skills. Delivers value added market intelligence and decision support for optimal portfolio management and market growth opportunities.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Project Structuring: 1. Managing and communicating a clear reflection of the GME project objectives, and coordinating with team members. 2. Understanding and communicating the definition of completion criteria (what constitutes ‘done’). 3. Organizing the activities into manageable work packages for market and facility team members and determining an effective approach to completing the work. 4. Performing statistical and historical analysis of service line trends and utilization. 5. Maintaining and coordinating effective timelines and deliverables associated with them.

Project Planning: 1. Ensuring that appropriate timing, resources, and sequencing of the work efforts are aligned to produce the desired result within a given period of time. 2. Support Graduate Medical Education DIO and Director Planning and Development in scheduling and prioritizing workload given resource constraints. 3. Managing relationships with various facility teams to accomplish and track the activity levels and stages. 4. Manage Market deployment project schedules to minimize intra-project resource and facility activity conflict. 5. Management of communication of project management flows, contingencies, and reporting timelines

Project Management, Controlling & Reporting Status: 1. Maintaining assertiveness to achieve goals as quickly as possible. 2. Monitoring project activities and reporting on status utilizing HCA standard reporting processes and tools. 3. Identifying and integrating potential project scope changes. 4. Reviewing quality of work and managing integration of team members’ work. 5. Identifying and managing risks and issues. 6. Coaching those working on activities to clarify assignments and deliverables.

Project Close: 1. Document and analyze lessons learned and sharing with others. 2. Document and analyze challenges posed by the projects. 3. Validate the completion of project documentation and relevant knowledge bases.

Data Extraction: 1. Provide data extraction in report format to substantiate the project’s success or shortfalls. 2. Provide and create requested ad hoc query reporting utilizing hospital systems in support of Graduate Medical Education DIO, Director and Market VP of Business Planning and Development. 3. Create reporting mechanisms to track project progress and trends. 4. Other duties as assigned.


REQUIRED EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree required, with coursework emphasis in Finance, or Statistical Analysis. 3-5 years of experience in a healthcare setting preferably in Graduate Medical Education or hospital business development.

Job: *Supervisors Team Leaders & Coordinators

Title: Graduate Medical Education GME Business Analyst, Days

Location: Texas-El Paso-Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare

Requisition ID: 01615-18780