Texas Employer Lead Teacher in WICHITA FALLS, Texas

POSITION DEFINITION: GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS To comply with all federal guidelines and policies in providing children and families with Services. To provide children with a learning environment and varied experiences, which will help them develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development toward the overall goal of social competence. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS GUIDELINES -Bachelor s Degree in Early Childhood Development, or Education preferred. A minimum of a Childhood Development -Associates Degree, or in the process of pursuing CDA credential, to be completed within one year of hire. -Experience working with infants and toddlers. -Valid driver s license, and current liability insurance. -Must have, and display a nurturing loving disposition toward infants and toddlers. JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Duties includes the following, other duties may be assigned. -Mentor and assist newly hired teachers. -Fill role as person in charge when Center Director is absent. ◦Follows safety and environment regulations. ◦Observe and abide by all licensing and company standards. ◦Interacts with children during all indoor and outdoor activities. ◦Reinforces acceptable behaviors, and redirects unacceptable behaviors. ◦Deals with individual problems on an individual basis ◦Does not raise voice or threaten ◦Demonstrates respect for each child and accepts differences in children ◦Models correct speech patterns and vocabulary for children. ◦Corrects through conversation. ◦Provides opportunities for each child to experience success and reinforces all efforts. ◦Extends learning to meet the individual needs of children ◦Follows classroom schedules, lesson plans, classroom activities, and record keeping. ◦Prepares and maintains the learning environment. ◦Supervises children at meals and assists children with clean up. ◦Provides emergency medical care for children as needed. ◦Assists children with diapering and toilet training using our approved procedures. ◦Makes at least two home visits to each family to complete forms and delivery of services. ◦Refers families to Social Service/Parent Involvement Manager for social services when needed. ◦Monitors children s daily attendance, and communicates with parent(s)/guardian the day of the child s absence to ascertain the reason for the absence, documenting in the child s record this contact and reason given for absence, referring children to the Social Worker/Parent Involvement Manager for follow-up when absence was due to family situation/crisis, or when the child has been absent three consecutive days for reasons other than sickness. ◦Records the classroom absences and the reason the child was absent; submits by 10:00 a.m. to the Center Director for entry into Student Record Database. ◦Helps recruit parent volunteers; provides parent opportunities to share their skills, and treats the parents with respect. ◦Documents on the Non-Federal Contribution Form any donation of time or material to our company by any individual, obtaining donor s signature, and turning in the Administration Office weekly. ◦Submits all reports/forms due monthly and yearly by due date. ◦Record documentation relating to child in child s binder in a timely manner, updating and maintaining in order, by section. ◦Attends all required staff development and in-service meetings. ◦Supports Program policies, accepting changes and new ideas. ◦Complies with Center personnel policies regarding absences and tardiness. Arrives on time prepared to begin workday, reporting to assigned work station. ◦Reports for work ready to perform responsibilities. ◦Upholds and adheres to safety rules and policies of the center. ◦Performs professional respons